This is what my husband and I purchased at the grocery store the other day.

We don’t have kids.

We are adults. We pay bills.
And drink water from a whale.


this is an appreciation post for anyone who has ever tolerated me


Cait&Nami | つなこーん [pixiv] 


getting notes on a selfie



Ahri League of Legends by magion02


cute date idea: smash my skull in with a large rock and end my worthless life

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listening to any final fantasy OSTs makes me emotional

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Also, I love you, Jessy... <3 I have seen such a positive change every since you got together with him. You DO NOT have to justify anything. Believe me I KNOW how it feels when people tell you your relationship is bullshit. And the fact that they think 2 hours away doesn't hurt. ANY DISTANCE HURTS! Screw them. You're happy and that is all that matters. :)

;___; I love you 

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EVERYONE JUST STAND BACK, OK?! Shit. XD I am in an LDR myself and I see this shit all the time. Just because she is 2 hours away doesn't mean she doesn't struggle with the distance... Like she said money is involved and it can be difficult to come up with it. It doesn't matter if you travel by car, train, or airplane. Distance is STILL distance! Shut your mouth. You don't even understand what she is going through when she can't see him. Get your judgmental butts off her tumblr! Fuck...

Thank you Nessa :* 

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spending 300 hours developing characters that arent even main characters


liking them more than your main characters


I’m sick of having to fucking justify myself.

It’s a ldr because he lives 2 hours away, “average” relationships live in the same city at least and school starts soon, we’ll both have work to top it off, when will we see each other? we have skype dates every other night. We don’t see each other every day of the week when we visit, this week was an exception I stayed for 4 days because he didn’t have to work, usually I see him for a day. Yeah maybe it’s not that far but when you think about it we’ve spent over 500$ to see each other for a total of one week… that’s almost as much as a plane ticket to somewhere for a week so honestly idk why you guys are acting like this

Ugh I’m so pissed off honestly.

Holy fucking hell if you’re gonna be bitter as fuck about my relationship don’t freaking come and send me an ask about it. I’ve had like 5 people that follow me writing shit I don’t need this.

It may not be a “ldr” like idk country to another country but fuck I don’t have the money to travel as much and the money I’ve saved for gas and visits to my boyfriend is as important as a “normal ldr” jesus christ he saves up to see me too you know? 120$ for a train ticket is a lot, it costs about this much for gas as well if I go by car. He gives money for gas when he can we just got lucky this month, who knows when we will see each other when school starts back again… I think you are all pretty quick to judge when you have NO idea of my situation, my financial situation and you don’t know me or Jeremy so really mind your own business. I’m not trying to be rude but I’m just saying like leave me alone…

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Hello friends I am back home ;w; I hope you all had a great week and such!!

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The Walking Dead Season Five Comic Con Trailer

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!!!! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!???????





*puts my ipod on shuffle and skips every song until i get one i was hoping for*

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